Clown Lauscho

Clown Lauscho, that comes from eavesdropping!

“The clown is related to the child and – like the child, he still has a foot in paradise.”

Lauscho is a music clown who already carries his listening and listening in his name.
Everywhere he perceives musique. He plays violin, mini violin, guitar, flute, saw, drum, bells and also ukulele:

The clown is related to the child’s nature
He’s on the road with the subject of humor. In recent years he has played especially for old people. Dementia people in particular are a grateful audience for his performances. He opens the door to them by playing ‘their music’ and singing with them. This often enables a cheerful, touching contact between clown and dementia sufferer. Both share the desorinentation and the focus on the moment.

Further training in humour in nursing:
Lauscho would like to promote humour as a potential in the daily contact of caregivers with dementia patients. It is about a humorous attitude in depth. In other words: it is about joie de vivre and a cheerful serenity.

Booking enquiry

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