Instrumental teaching

Music and instrumental lessons

“Music is the voice of the universe, is the harmonization of all the vibrations that matter is made of, and it heals us and our universe. It is the connection between our own frequencies and those vibrating millions of light years away. I have always had the feeling that music is essentially therapeutic, that it restores the right proportions that are thrown off balance by the demands of everyday life. Nothing can do for the innermost of our being what the audible can do.”
Yehudi Menuhin (A great violinist and conductor, but also a great humanist and philanthropist)

Lessons in viola, violin, guitar, ukulele and bamboo flute

I have been teaching people between the ages of 5 and 70 privately for 30 years now. The access to music takes place in the beginning through listening, i.e. consciously perceiving hearing oneself and others, and is only completed afterwards by learning the notes. In the individual work, the technique is taught and individually promoted. The interplay is about listening and enjoying making music together, teaching competence for orchestral work in particular and learning social competence in general.
The lessons take place weekly for 3/4 hour and cost monthly 100 €. I also teach two students together in one 3/4 hour. Then the costs are halved to 50 € per person and month.


Lessons take place at the Waldorf School in Freiburg-St. Georgen, Waldorf School Emmendingen and in Bad Krozingen.
If you are interested, please contact us by telephone: 07633 / 923 90 50 or by E-Mail.