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On this page we have put together links around the theory and therapy form of primary therapy developed by Arthur Janov and other interesting pages.

Humorcare Switzerland, Society for the Promotion of Humor in Therapy, Care and Counselling

Humour is increasingly becoming a level of communication in nursing, caring for and therapeutic work with adults. In German-speaking Switzerland, a network of experts and professionals who believe in the humorous approach in their work and practice it has developed in recent years.

Website HumorCare

Breathing Therapy and Family Constellation

“There is nothing we must achieve, for all that we seek, desire, or desire is already present, without exception, in every human being.”

Homepage of Claus Kostka

Body therapy

What inner attitude prevents you from finding the courage to take the small next step? You feel that you are not really using your possibilities. What is holding you back?

Homepage von Marlene Klisch

Kamala Mattis – Psychological counselling practice

Systemic coaching and setting up, annual groups, astrological counselling. Homepage of Kamala Mattis – Practice for psychological counselling


The drums. Everybody wants to hit it, hardly, that he sees them standing somewhere. Everyone somehow wants to drum, alone or with others, with sticks or directly with their hands, so to speak skin on skin: Drums are – for good reason – simply irresistible.

Homepage of Christian Deichert



In the issue of the magazine “La Vida – Lebenskraft und Lebenskunst” I am represented with an advertisement.
Magazine “La Vida”

Technical Know How
Consulting, project support and coordination in IT questions for network technology, hotspots and PC support. Wendelin Ackermann, your reliable IT partner.
Microblend Services

Online Manufaktur – We make complex things simple Digital
As digital architects, we realize Internet projects from vision, development, planning and implementation to the operation and support of your website, mobile app, online shop and digital marketing and communication.
Online Manufactory