Workshop – Seminar Clownery

Humour, presence and trust for employees in long-term care.

This workshop is aimed at caregivers at all levels of long-term care.
The aim of the workshop is to bring humour to the participants as a relieving, social competence.
Joie de vivre and humour can be rediscovered and ignited.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a nurse could take care of himself so well?
that her smile doesn’t have to be put on, but radiates from within?”?

The Humor Day

On this occasion, I am usually on the road as a walk-in clown in old people’s centres, in different places in different ways.
A cheerful, poetic, bittersweet program to loosen up and amuse staff evenings, meetings and congresses.

Musical clownesque interludes

  • A cheerful, poetic, delicately bitter programme for relaxation and amusement at staff evenings, conferences and congresses.
  • Clown Lauscho as your amusing entertainer!

Please send booking requests for the Clown Lauscho programme by E-Mail