Primal Therapy

At a time when everyone can be more verbally and visually networked with everyone, emotional exchange often falls more and more by the wayside. Relationships often fail because feelings are frozen in us. One knocks on the door, the other blocks. In therapeutic work we trace these present conflicts back to our childhood.

Definition: Primal therapy is essentially the systematic reliving of traumatic childhood experiences, back to birth and prenatal phases.

“It came very timidly, spoke to me indistinctly, took me by the hand and led me into spaces that I had avoided all my life and that frightened me. And yet I had to enter these rooms, but could no longer turn away from them, for they were my rooms, the same ones I had sought to forget decades ago, and in which I had left the child alone.” Alice Miller

It is one and the same door that leads us to pain and and joy of life

We are born with natural needs for closeness, warmth, security, trying out and unfolding our own abilities. In the beginning we love our parents more than anything else and do almost anything to keep their love. In this way we try to meet expectations and often deny our true feelings and needs. Now that the access to our feelings is interrupted, we subconsciously repeat what we have experienced from our parents. Over the years we become more and more similar to them, especially when we reproachfully reject them. Old experiences and situations reappear as a repetition compulsion in the new dress and penetrate all areas of life, such as relationship, friendship, profession, creativity.

If we go now in the Primal Therapy to rediscover our old, very own needs, this often goes hand in hand with feeling small, worthless, dependent. This happens because needs were not satisfied at that time. But despite frustrations, they remain within us and are constantly, sometimes defiantly, waiting to be fulfilled. By consciously reliving old frustrations as the past, we get out of waiting and are rewarded by a living arrival in the present.

Through therapy, the pain that we often suffer in the womb from birth into childhood and which is then also reflected psychologically and biologically, is literally eliminated from the body. This must be done with caution, since our then so important defence system, which has now lost its meaning, can only be made permeable slowly. Otherwise we would be flooded with pain and would not be able to integrate it. The focus is on clarifying work with mother, father and other important caregivers.
By feeling the old pain, such as grief and anger, we give the injured inner child within us, who had to remain silent for so long, his voice back and allow him to feel what he was unable to feel at that time. Thus love can usually begin to flow again with the crying.

And that is what it depends on. Hellinger speaks here of the movement towards the parents (partners), strictly speaking of the completion of the interrupted movement.

What’s work about?

It is

  • to strengthen our relationships
  • to reduce our physical symptoms
  • for the soul

Frequent topics in primary therapy are

  • Depressive moods
  • Psychosomatic Symptoms
  • Such as headache and neurodermatitis
  • Severe findings such as cancer
  • Be able to stand closeness
  • Be able to love
  • To experience fulfilled sexuality
  • Demarcation – being able to say “no“

Quote from Osho
Go back… Only the light of consciousness heals, it is a healing power. Everything you can make conscious is healed and then it doesn’t hurt anymore. A person who goes back dissolves the past. Then the past no longer works, then it no longer has him under control, then the past is over. The past no longer has a place in his being.
And when the past has no place in your being, you are open to the present, never before.

Registration for Primal Therapy
Here an introductory conversation is necessary in which it is a matter of getting to know us. We will clarify your concerns and see if the chemistry is right.

Duration approx. 1 hour – Costs 40,- €

Individual sessions:
By arrangement. Costs 80,- € per hour | reduction possible

Intensive phase:
For 2 weeks, one session every day – by appointment.

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